Redefining Education

For Students with Sensory, Movement & Communication Differences

Our Approach

The educational philosophy of The Hirsch Academy is rooted in the belief that individual differences should be understood, supported and celebrated. Guided by our students’ voices, we insist on creating an environment where our students are learning, thinking, communicating and connecting with their peers.

Who We Serve

Students at Hirsch have sensory, movement and communication differences and often require innovative and revolutionary approaches to help them learn and communicate. We will never let a student’s differences be a barrier to their learning.

What Makes Us Different

Hirsch is guided by the voices and input from the neurodivergent community who share the same sensory, movement, and communication differences as our students. Our dedicated staff presume competence, teaching age level or above curriculum that follows Common Core and Georgia Standards and accredited by the Georgia Accrediting Commission.

With uniquely trained staff, cutting edge technology, individualized curriculum, and a 2 -1 student-to-teacher ratio, we enable our neurodivergent students to engage and connect with others and be autonomous problem solvers and learners.

Hirsch utilizes differentiated learning methods and communication tools, such as Universal Design for Learning and Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) access to support all learning and communication styles. In addition to being immersed in Common Core curriculum, students also participate in classes such as: STEM, Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Drama, Art, Music Theory, Blog Writing, Creative Writing, Counseling, Physical Education, Poetry, Chess, Caporeira, Yoga, Mindfulness, Media Production and Outdoor Recreation.

Presuming Competence

And Providing Innovative Support for Academic Success

From Our Community

Feedback from Hirsch Parents, Alumni, Staff, and Self-Advocates


My experience whenever I enter or interact with the teachers and students of The Hirsch Academy is one of being able to breathe and fully be me. I believe it is the accepting and empowering, loving and genuine nature of the amazing staff and leadership team that creates this space for the students to be their best selves and to learn deeply.

Jordyn Pallett, Self-advocate, Jordyn’s Rocky Journey

Hirsch teachers were the first teachers to believe that there was more inside me than anyone else believed. They would not give up until they found a way to communicate with me. They will always presume competence.

Alexandra, Hirsch Graduate

EXCEPTIONAL! Hirsch Academy gave my son his rights to dream again. Having learning differences is hard in a traditional school setting for a child who has dreams just like kids without learning differences. The competent and caring teachers at Hirsch Academy believed in him and helped him regain his confidence, so he started believing in himself. Hirsch set the stage for success in high school and beyond. I am eternally grateful to the leadership and staff of Hirsch academy.

Ludy Joseph, Hirsch Alumni Parent